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Hemostatics and Astringents


Gingival Retraction Cord

With our TEDEQUIM® Gingival Retraction Cord, an effective retraction is achieved in a few minutes, allowing restorations, impressions, crown placement and other dental procedures.

The product comes in two sizes of non-impregnated cotton cords for an optimal adaptation to different gingival sulcus, and an epinephrine-free ferric sulfate astringent solution for fast and efficient retraction.

Non-impregnated cords can be dampened before and after removal to avoid bleeding.

Presentation form

  • Cotton cord N° 1 x 3 m.
  • Cotton cord N° 2 x 3 m.
  • Astringent solution x 20 mL.
Hilo para retraccion gingival y Solucion astringente Sin epinefrina