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About Us

We manufacture medical products of excellence, specifically designed to take care of patients' oral health and esthetics, meeting the needs of the dental community.

Since 1987, we have been dedicated to understanding and supporting dental health professionals, adding value through quality, innovation, development, active listening, and personalized attention. We provide competitive products of certified quality adhering to international standards.

We deliver secure and innovative solutions through our lines of Whitening; Endodontics; Conditioners; Desensitizers and Fluorides; Disinfectants and Sanitizers; Detectors; Hemostatics and Astringents. Our commitment is to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals by offering reliable and certified products that address the diverse requirements of dental professionals and contribute to overall oral health.

VISION: We aspire to be recognized globally among the leading brands in dental product manufacturing, as a reliable laboratory, synonymous with excellence and dedication in the development and manufacturing of quality products certified by international standards.


Our initial commitment was making dental products affordable, especially for university students, as a competitive alternative to imported products. We introduced innovative and trademarked products to the industry, such as the caries detector REDAMIN®, the plaque detector TESTPLAC® and the cariostatic FAgamin®. In addition, we have specialized in the production of standard solutions and buffers for testing or QA laboratories.

As we grew, we expanded our product range to meet the ever-evolving needs of the Argentinian dental industry. In 1992, we relocated to a new facility that included an area for manufacturing sanitizers and disinfectants approved by the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Devices (ANMAT). There, we developed Bacterol, a highly effective general-purpose cleaning product.

In 1994, we launched Clarident dental whitening kit, the country’s first manufactured dental whitening product for professional use. This innovation allowed us to stand out in the market and strengthen our position.

In 2006, we achieved the ISO 9001 certification as a result of our constant commitment to continuous improvement. This certification reflects our attention to details and customer satisfaction.

Aiming for global expansion, we achieved the ISO 13485 certification in 2018. This certification recognizes our focus on specific quality standards for medical products and positions our company as a well-known and competitive alternative in various markets around the world.

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Committed to our conviction of continuous improvement, we obtained the ISO 9001 standard certificate issued by DNV.

Este compromiso no ha cesado y nuestra excelencia en la calidad ha abierto nuevas puertas para que Tedequim trascienda fronteras.

The founder partners of TEDEQUIM S.R.L. are highly qualified professionals in chemical research.

At the moment, we have an extensive Distribution Network at both national and international level, so our products are travelling from Argentina to countries such as Paraguay, Chile, Oman, Iraq, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, among others.

We are proud to say that, ever since our foundation, at TEDEQUIM S.R.L. we have collaborated closely with professionals, institutions and clients, providing scientific and technical support to the country’s academic activities. We believe that joining forces among key actors in the dental and scientific community will result in the collective improvement of dental health.