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Bacterial Plaque Detector

Discover our Testplac® Plaque Detector for exceptional oral hygiene.

TESTPLAC® contains harmless dyes that temporarily paint bacterial plaque, allowing a clear identification of plaque spots for an effective brushing. Regular use improves oral hygiene and dental disease control.

TESTPLAC® comes in three different formulas to cover different needs:

  • Yellow: Formulated with fluorescein sodium, a specific dye that provides an immediate plaque discovery. By illuminating the oral cavity with the chair light or any halogen or LED lamp, a yellow fluorescence appears, showing bacterial plaque accurately.
  • Green: This detector reacts instantly, showing bacterial plaque in an intense green color. Its fast action allows an easy identification of areas with plaque build-up for more efficient cleaning.
  • Dual tone: The dual-tone formula is an advanced solution that instantly dyes in blue the old, dense bacterial plaque; while the newer, thinner plaque is colored in red. Thus, all plaque build-up can be recognized and completely removed.

Presentation form

  • Yellow: Dropper x 25 mL.
  • Green: Dropper x 25 mL.
  • Double-tone: Dropper x 10 mL.