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24 % EDTA Gel

24 % EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) Gel is a chelating agent that offers several applications and benefits for endodontic and periodontic treatments.

Endodontics: TEDEQUIM® 24 % EDTA Gel is used to decalcify, clean and lubricate root canals, contributing to a better disinfection and preparation of the canal.

Periodontics: TEDEQUIM® 24 % EDTA Gel for the conditioning of exposed root surfaces in periodontal therapy and surgery, eliminating smear layer.

Presentation form

  • 1 syringe x 3 g and 3 applicator tips.
  • 3 syringes x 3 g and applicator tips.
  • Disposable applicators.
E.D.T.A Gel 24 por ciento Acondicionador Radicular