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Clarident Photoactivable

Tooth Bleaching Kit for exclusive professional in-office use.
38 % Hydrogen Peroxide.

TEDEQUIM® Clarident Photoactivable is a dental whitening kit made of 38 % hydrogen peroxide. This effective and versatile treatment removes stains from fluorosis, tetracycline, nicotine, aging, pulp trauma, pulp hemorrhage and food pigmentation.

TEDEQUIM® Clarident Photoactivable contains a photosensitizer that allows 420 to 530 nm tooth whitening lamps, which guarantees an effective activation of the product and optimal results.

The treatment can be completed in just one session.

Presentation form

Oxigel powder with photosensitizer x 2.5 g.
Droppers x 5 mL of 38 % hydrogen peroxide.
Disposable applicators.
Gingival protector syringe.
Disposable spatulas.
Disposable applicators

Clarident Blanqueador Dental Fotoactivable