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Clarident Autoactivable

Tooth Bleaching Kit for exclusive professional in-office use.
35 % Hydrogen Peroxide.

TEDEQUIM® Clarident Autoactivable is a tooth whitening kit made of 35 % hydrogen peroxide. This kit can be applied on both vital and non-vital teeth, offering a versatile application for whitening endodontically treated teeth or for external whitening.

This powerful whitening agent effectively removes a wide range of tooth stains, including those caused by fluorosis, tetracycline, nicotine, aging, pulp trauma, pulpal hemorrhage and food pigmentation.

Treatment can be completed in just one 40-minutes session.

Presentation form

Oxigel powder x 2.5 g.
Droppers x 5 mL of 35 % hydrogen peroxide.
Disposable applicators.
Gingival protector syringe.
Disposable spatulas.
Disposable applicators

Clarident Blanqueador Dental Interno y externo Autoactivable