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Hemostatics and Astringents


Astringent Solution

Astringent solution made of 15.5 % ferric sulfate.

Our TEDEQUIM® Astringent Solution made of 15.5 % ferric sulfate is epinephrine-free to avoid possible side effects such as vessel constriction. 

With TEDEQUIM® Astringent Solution, an effective gingival retraction in possible within minutes, allowing restorations, impressions, crown placement and other dental procedures. It can be used with TEDEQUIM® Gingival Retraction Cords, or other of your choice.

Our TEDEQUIM® Astringent Solution can also be used in cases of bleeding, applying the liquid on a swab and pressing the area until bleeding stops.

Presentation form

Glass container x 20 mL.

Solucion astringente Sin epinefrina