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Calcium Hydroxide Powder.

Aqueous Paste/Viscous Paste

TEDEQUIM® OHCal is our Calcium Hydroxide Powder for preparing paste either with water or more viscous fluids, such as propylene glycol or glycerin, depending on the desired calcium release ―fast or slow.

Calcium hydroxide is a widely used material in the dental field due to its beneficial properties and applications:

Aqueous paste:

  • Temporary filling of root canals.
  • Intermediate fillings between endodontic sessions.
  • For all clinical situations where alkalinization and rapid diffusion of calcium hydroxide in intra-canal medications is sought.
  • Partial biopulpectomy.

Viscous paste:

  • Apexification.
  • Apical stopper. 
  • Filling of perforations on the pulp-chamber floor and root perforations.
  • Treatment of external cementum-dentin resorption.
  • Isolation of deep cavities.
  • Direct pulp capping.
  • Partial biopulpectomy. 

Presentation form

Calcium hydroxide powder: Glass container x 20 g.

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