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OHCal Avío

Avío for the preparation of iodoformed calcium hydroxide paste.

TEDEQUIM® OHCal Avío plays an important role in dentistry by providing antibacterial, disinfectant and hard-tissue stimulating properties.
This iodoformed calcium hydroxide paste is radiopaque and has anti-inflammatory effects. It can be used as an interdental material.

TEDEQUIM® OHCal Avío helps improving endodontic treatment results by controlling infections, promoting healing and protecting periapical tissues.

Presentation form

  • Calcium hydroxide: Glass container x 20 g.
  • Iodoform: Glass container x 10 g.
  • Refills.
    Products can be purchased separately.
OHCal Avio para preparar pasta endodontica alcalina iodoformada