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17 % E.D.T.A.

Chemical Duct Stretcher

TEDEQUIM® Endo-quim 17 % EDTA Chemical Duct Stretcher is an effective irrigation solution used in the process of root canals widening. Its main objective is to soften and facilitate the removal of organic and dentin tissue, allowing a more effective and safe treatment.

Advantages and benefits of TEDEQUIM® Endo-quim 17 % EDTA Chemical Duct Stretcher in endodontic procedures:

  • Chemical stretching through superficial softening of the dentin wall.
  • Residual layer removal.
  • Improved dentin wall mechanical cleaning.
  • Disinfection or antibacterial action of the dentin wall.
  • Increased dentin permeability to medications.
  • Increased cement bonding to the dentin wall.

Presentation form

  • 1 unit x 25 mL.
  • Replacement box of 15 units x 20 mL (each).
Endoquim Reposicion x 15 unidades
Endoquim E.D.T.A 17 por ciento Ensanchador quimico de conductos