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Desensitizers and Fluorides



Topical Gel with 2 % sodium fluoride, neutral pH
Colorless, strawberry flavor

Neutrodent® Topical Gel formulated with 2 % sodium fluoride and neutral pH is an excellent choice for caries prevention and dental desensitization.

One of the outstanding advantages of neutral pH fluoride is that it can be used to treat desensitization as a consequence of tooth whitening. In addition, this gel is colorless, avoiding any possible staining, and has a pleasant strawberry flavor.
The use of Neutrodent® is also recommended in unexposed pulp cavities and for acid-intolerant patients.

This topical gel is compatible with crowns, bridges and composite restorations. In addition, it’s ideal for cases of exposed roots or gum inflammation.

Presentation form

Tube x 200 g

NEUTRODENT Gel topico de fluoruro ph neutro