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Desensitizers and Fluorides



Fluoride Varnish for treating dental hypersensitivity and caries prophylaxis

NaFRESIN® is a sodium fluoride varnish specifically designed for treating dental hypersensitivity and preventing caries. This product is ideal for cases of sensitivity in exposed tooth necks due to gum recession or abrasion, as well as in deep cavities prior to filling.

One of the main benefits of NaFRESIN® is its preventive effect against caries formation. Its formula allows greater fluoride penetration, providing long-lasting protection to enamel and dentin. A quick and easy access to proximal and distal surfaces of teeth can be achieved after applying this varnish.

NaFRESIN® is specially recommended for topical application of fluoride on primary teeth, as well as on permanent teeth susceptible to caries, tooth sensitivity and hypoplasia.

NaFRESIN® can be applied in interdental spaces; sensitive or exposed tooth necks; pits and fissures; crown or filling edges; fixed orthodontic appliances; gingival margins of fixed prostheses and white spots.

Presentation form

Syringe x 3 g

NaFRESIN Barniz con fluoruro