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Desensitizers and Fluorides



FAgamin® is a dental cariostatic, bactericide and remineralization product made of 38 % silver diammine fluoride.

Due to its formula, FAgamin® is ranked as one of the top fluorides in dentistry nowadays, whether in the field of prevention or dental trauma:

  • Avoids the progress and deepening of carious lesions.
  • Lowers the need of invasive treatments.
  • Remineralizes dentin.
  • Reduces dental sensitivity.
  • Avoids the use of local or general anesthetics.

FAgamin® success lies in our unique formula made of 38 % silver diammine fluoride. By interacting with dental enamel, fluoride combines to form fluor-hidroxyapatite, a highly resistant structure to caries. Meanwhile, silver nitrate present in FAgamin® exerts a bactericidal action over hidroxypatite, producing silver phosphate and protecting dental tissues effectively.

Early application of FAgamin® provides an effective caries control. It also assures a normal permanent teeth eruption and promotes a normal maxillofacial development and growth. It also provides an efficient dentin desensitization, which makes it effective against abrasion and temperature-related pain.

Other applications

Ideal for using in cavities prepared for dentures, crowns and bridges, providing a lasting protection and ensuring a solid structure for these procedures. It can also be dissolved in distilled water (1:10 ratio) to apply in infected root canals, showing versatility and effectiveness in diverse medical situations.

Presentation form

Dropper bottle x 5 mL

FAgamin Fluoruro de Diamin Plata